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AC Servo Motors

ac servo motor, ac servo system

Frame Size From 40mm to 220mm

Rated Torque Up to 67Nm, Rated Power Up to 7.5KW

Integrated 2,500-line & 6-channel Encoders

Excellent Position Following Ability

Position, Speed or Torque Control Modes

High Efficiency & Stability, Fast Response, Smooth Motion

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PrimoPal offers a wide selection of high-performance brushless AC servo motors, with power ratings from 200 W to 7.5 KW, output torque from 0.16 Nm to 67 Nm, and maximum speed of up to 6,000 rpm. These motors are designed for outstanding efficiency, reliability and electromagnetic immunity, particularly suitable for positioning tasks in machine automation with demanding requirements for dynamics and stability. The combination of PrimoPal’s servo motors and servo drives delivers an optimal solution for high-performance motion applications. Besides, custom motor winding, various feedback devices, permanent magnet brake adders, electromagnetic brake adders and mechanical modifications are also available.

PrimoPal's PAS Series brushless AC servo motors are widely used in kinds of applications, such as packaging machines, lathes, molding machines, cutting machines, carving machines, feeding machines, industrial robotics, textile machines, pressing machines, and many other industrial automation centers.

ac servo motor part number

Available Versions (Others on Request)
nema 24 ac servo motor

PAS60 Series

• Frame Size: 60X60mm
• Rated Power: Up to 0.6KW
nema 32 ac servo motor

PAS80 Series

• Frame Size: 80X80mm
• Rated Power: Up to 1.0KW
nema 34 ac servo motor

PAS90 Series

• Frame Size: 86X86mm
• Rated Power: Up to 1.0KW
nema 42 ac servo motor

PAS110 Series

• Frame Size: 110X110mm
• Rated Power: Up to 1.8KW
130mm square ac servo motor

PAS130 Series

• Frame Size: 130X130mm
• Rated Power: Up to 3.8KW
150mm square ac servo motor

PAS150 Series

• Frame Size: 150X150mm
• Rated Power: Up to 5.5KW
180mm square ac servo motor

PAS180 Series

• Frame Size: 180X180mm
• Rated Power: Up to 7.5KW
220mm square ac servo motor

PAS220 Series

• Frame Size: 220X220mm
• Rated Power: Up to 7.0KW
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