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Brushless Servo Motors

brushless dc servo motor, bldc motor with encoder

Frame Size From 42mm to 86mm

Rated Torque Up to 2.1Nm

Rated Power Up to 660W

Resolution of the Integrated Encoders Optional

High-performance Sintered Neodymium, Others Optional

High Efficiency & Stability, Fast Response, Smooth Motion

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PrimoPal’s PBLS series brushless DC motors are based on the PBLH series brushless DC motors (high torque type, sintered neodymium), offering high performance, long lifetime and low maintenance for applications requiring stable velocity control over a wide speed range, with frame size ranging from 42mm (NEMA 17) to 86mm (NEMA 34). These standard models come with a 1000-line or 2500-line differential encoder with index slits (A, B, Z) and Hall Sensors (U, V, W). In addition to our standard models, custom motor winding, encoder specs and mechanical modifications are available to meet your specific application needs.

PrimoPal's PBLS Series Brushless DC servo motors are particularly suitable for applications requiring high speed, high precision, high reliability and low motor noise, such as large format printers, engraving machines, electronics manufacturing equipment, pick and place machines, packing machines, and so on.

brushless dc servo motor part number


    Datasheet of PBLS series Brushless Servo Motors

Available Versions (Others on Request)
Model Frame Size Motor Structure Rated Torque Rated Power Encoder Res.

PBLS42S Series


Bare Core

Up to 0.3N.m

Up to 94W

2500 CPR

PBLS57S Series


Bare Core

Up to 0.6N.m

Up to 188W 1000 CPR

PBLS60S Series


Aluminum Case

Up to 1.27N.m

Up to 400W 1000 CPR

PBLS70S Series


Aluminum Case

Up to 1.5N.m

Up to 470W 1000 CPR

PBLS80S Series


Aluminum Case

Up to 1.8N.m

Up to 565W 1000 CPR

PBLS86S Series


Aluminum Case

Up to 2.1N.m

Up to 660W 1000 CPR
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