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Hybrid Stepper Motors

stepper motor, hybrid stepper motor

NEMA 8, 10, 11, 14, 16, 17, 23, 24, 34, 42

2 Phase, Step Angle 1.8° 0.9° 3.6°

3 Phase, Step Angle 1.2° 3.75°

5 Phase, Step Angle 0.36° 0.72°

High Reliability, High Accuracy, High Torque

Smooth Movement, Low Noise & Vibration & Heating

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PrimoPal specializes in offering 2-phase, 3-phase and 5-phase hybrid stepper motors, covering a wide range of applications with a frame size of NEMA 8 to 42. Made of high quality cold roll sheet copper and anti-high temperature permanent magnet, all of PrimoPal's hybrid stepper motors are a complete design of high reliability, high accuracy, and featuring low noise, low vibration, low motor heating and smooth run. Besides conventional solutions, custom housing and winding, shaft modification, as well as encoder, brake, gearbox adders are also available to optimize the product's performance for you needs.

PrimoPal's PHB Series stepper motors are widely used in kinds of applications. Typical ones are shown as follows.

• Automation and inspection
• Conveyor transfer
• Cut-to-length metal, plastic, fabric, etc
• Industrial HVAC
• Material handling
• Medical equipment
• Office peripheral equipment
• Packaging systems
• Pick-and-place applications
• Printing systems
• Robotics
• Semiconductor manufacturing
• Many others
stepper motor applications

hybrid stepper motor part number

Available Versions (Others on Request)
  NEMA 8
  Stepper motor
  NEMA 10
  Stepper motor
  NEMA 11
  Stepper motor
  NEMA 14
  Stepper motor
  NEMA 16
  Stepper motor
  NEMA 17
  Stepper motor
  NEMA 23
  Stepper motor
  NEMA 24
  Stepper motor
  NEMA 34
  Stepper motor
  NEMA 42
  Stepper motor
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