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PM Stepper Gearmotors

permanent magnet stepper step stepping gearmotor

Frame Size Ranges from Ø15mm to Ø42mm

PM Step Motor With Gears Inside Available

PM Step Motor With Added Gearbox Available

Compact Size, Low Speed, High Efficiency

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PrimoPal's PPMG Series PM Stepper Gearmotor includes ordinary type (motor with gears inside) and precision type (motor with gearhead added). These motors offer a wide range of gear ratios in a compact size, along with high output and high resolution, especially the precision-type ones. They are low-cost solutions and can perfectly meet your needs of motion or automation control. Besides, custom motor winding and gearhead specs are also available.

PrimoPal's PPMG Series PM Stepper Gearmotors are widely used in kinds of applications, such as air-conditioners, printers, photocopiers, power tools and other industrial & office automation equipment.

permanent magnet stepper gearmotor part number


    Datasheet of PPMG series PM Stepper Gearmotors

Available Versions (Others on Request)
24mm pm stepping gear motor

PPMG24N Series

• Ordinary Type
• Frame Size: Ø24mm
28mm pm stepping gear motor

PPMG28N Series

• Ordinary Type
• Frame Size: Ø28mm
35mm pm stepping gear motor

PPMG35N Series

• Ordinary Type
• Frame Size: Ø35mm
15mm pm stepping gear motor

PPMG15P Series

• Precision Type
• Frame Size: Ø15mm
25mm pm stepping gear motor

PPMG25P Series

• Precision Type
• Frame Size: Ø25mm
35mm pm stepping gear motor

PPMG35P Series

• Precision Type
• Frame Size: Ø35mm
42mm pm stepping gear motor

PPMG42P Series

• Precision Type
• Frame Size: Ø42mm
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