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- Brushless Servo Drive; Max 80 VDC / 18A Peak
brushless servo motor driver acs806

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The fully digital brushless servo drive ACS806 is developed with 32-bit DSP based on advanced control algorithm. Since its input commands are PUL/DIR signals, the users can upgrade stepping drives to the ACS806 without changing control systems. The ACS806 can offer high precision, high speed and high reliability performance, and widely used in inkjet printers, engraving machines, and etc. A built-in controller can be used for testing and tuning. PC based and handheld configuration & tuning tools can meet different tuning environments or requirements.

Electrical Specifications

brushless servo motor drive acs806 electrical specs

Connector Configuration

brushless servo motor drive acs806 Connector Configuration

brushless servo motor drive acs806 drawing

brushless servo motor drive acs806 typical connection

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