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Step & BLDC Drives

  • Stepper Drives

    stepper drive, stepper motor driver
    PrimoPal provides two types of stepper motor drives, the low-cost analog series of stepper motor drives and digital series of DSP-based stepper motor drives. The driven motors can run with low noise, smooth movement, and low heating.
  • Miniature Stepper Drives

    miniature stepper driver and controller
    PrimoPal's PDC series integrated stepper motors (stepper motors with mounted miniature drives or motion controllers) are high-performance ones, including parallel port series, RS232 series and CAN2.0 series to meet your specific requirements.
  • Brushless DC Drives

    PrimoPal provides kinds of low-voltage or high-voltage brushless dc motor drivers for our PBL series BLDC motors. The driven motors could realize close loop operation, and smoothly run with rated torque output within speed range.
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