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PM Stepper Motors

  • PM Stepper Motors

    pm stepper motor, pm step motor
    PrimoPal's PPMS series PM stepper motors feature high dynamic torque at low speed and large basic step angles. These motors are available from Ø10mm to Ø57mm, with standard and customized features that make this product ideal for kinds of applications.
  • PM Stepper Gearmotors

    permanent magnet stepper step stepping gearmotor
    PrimoPal's PPMG series PM stepper gearmotor includes ordinary type (motor with gears inside) and precision type (motor with gearhead added). These motors offer a wide range of gear ratios in a compact size, along with high output and high resolution.
  • Idle Speed Motor

    PrimoPal's PIS series idle speed motors are the executing unit of automotive EFI systems, controlling the amount of air allowed to bypass the main throttle blade to control the engine idle speed over a variety of load conditions.
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